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The Epoxy Preparation Guide

The path to a beautiful project - steps to insure a good application

Flake epoxy garage


Pick the perfect epoxy

With hundreds of option our team will work with you to pick your perfect colors and designs. Your project is a canvas for your dream. 


Measure the square footage

To measure the square footage of a project, you will need to measure the length and width of the area and multiply the two numbers together. However, we understand that this can be a unintuitive task. That's why during our onsite quote, we will take care of measuring the square footage for you to ensure pricing and a stress-free experience.

metallic epoxy
epoxy Bucket Pour


Set the Date

Once you’ve approved your design and cost, we will begin preparing for your project. We will then schedule an date to install your epoxy coating.


Remove any obstructions

And while tedious making sure the area of your project is clear is  necessary for Elite Epoxy, we understand that its hard and time consuming to get to cleaning out a garage or patio, so that is why we offer our services to clean it out for you, priced depending on the project area.

cleaned garage

Lets start your project with picking a design 

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