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Our Process

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for its durability and aesthetic appeal. The application process involves several steps:

Concrete grinder for epoxy


Prepping and Grinding

Day 1: Preparation is crucial for any project, including Elite Epoxy. We can provide a cleaning service for your garage if needed. The next step is to degrease any stains and cover all items with plastic to prevent dust. Our team will then grind the surface to ensure a perfect bond for the epoxy.


Apply Primer and Basecoat

Day 2: While applying primer is not always mandatory, it will be done in case the moisture level in the concrete is high. After that, our experts will apply the base coat of your desired color.



Features and Designs

The designs are the most noticeable aspect of epoxy for visitors, and they play a crucial role. At this stage, we can either sprinkle flakes or add highlights to the base coat.


Top Coat (optional)

A top coat is not always necessary for a project but it does allow us to put in non-slip grit additive and UV protectant during this stage. Recommended for garages and patios.

shiny metalic epoxy floor

Lets Make it Real

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